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Справочный текст ( Сохраненный текст, используется как ссылка ) :
Примечания : (Zorroargh, 2020-12-31)

The elements of the official Lore are not independent of the game itself. They are often mixed with official events and "leaks", for example, in the form of "Хроники Атиса".

So there is no "plan" strictly speaking (but nothing says that there is not one in the mind of the Lorists). On the other hand, this portal categorizes all official pages to the source and formalized, that is, invented by the players and recognized by the lorists as belonging now to the Lore.

In fact, the spirit of Ryzom allows everyone's creativity, but nevertheless it is necessary to have a framework of "consistency" for everyone's comfort and pleasure.
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