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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Verdant Heights, the Matis homeland. For related topics, see Forest.

Geographical Amber
Matis emblem.png
Verdant Heights

Country of Matis people

Homins Matis
Area 20.09 km²

The Verdant Heights are the primary location of the Forest ecosystem on Atys. It is controlled by the Matis race, who have all their cities in the central region of Majestic Garden.


The Verdant Heights sub-continent is made up of 7 regions in a bit of a spidery shape. Most regions are largely open forest, but 3 of the 4 corners of the sub-continent are notoriously maze-like, with a Jungle ecosystem, and the 4th corner is a strange mix of forest and desert with a little spot of jungle. The sub-continent is bordered on all sides by steep cliffs.

The sub-continent has direct routes to both the Burning Desert on the far north-west and to Aeden Aqueous in the far south-east, as well as one opening down into the Prime Roots.




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Active Outposts


Matis town artwork.jpg

    The forests of Verdant Heights form a magnificent lofty backdrop, a constant reminder of plant life domination on Atys. Here the majestic trees reach colossal proportions, each one of them can shelter hundreds of people. Great rifts are scored into the forest bed caused by the great roots leading deep down into the very bowels of Atys. The forests of Atys are the areas of predilection of the Matis who have built their regal city there. Raw materials are in abundance and include various fine species of leaves.


    Verdant Heights benefits from a temperate climate, ideal for homins, as well as plants and other creatures. Seasons alternate from wet and cold to hot and dry.


    There is a wide variety of fauna in the vast forests of Atys. If you keep a look out you will see the shy and swift-running caprynis, a ruminant distinguished by its tough single antler, and the yelk, a great lump of a scavenger easily recognized by the highly prized mushrooms growing on its back.


    The forest flora comprises several species of intelligent plants including the lethal psykopla plant, capable of reducing homin and beast alike to slavery.

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The Verdant Heights are a hotbed of tribe activity and conflict. Beneath the trees of the forests you'll find more tribes than on any other continent in the New Lands, and also more tribal hostility than anywhere else. The Matis government has to manage a constant carefully balanced political game to keep all the hostile tribes at bay, but luckily for them they also have several allied tribes assisting them in this matter. Though the region containing the Matis cities is safe and only populated by the peaceful Green Seed, enemy tribes await the Matis right over the region borders in either direction.

The northern Verdant Heights are where the tribes opposing the Matis kingdom fight against the tribes allied with the Matis. First Deserters against Matisian Border Guards, Woven Bridles against The Arid Matis, and Ancient Dryads against the Sap Slaves. Only the tribe of the Oasis Diggers, in the far northwestern corner of the Verdant Heights, stays out of all the fighting and coexists peacefully with the Matis and the other tribes.

The southern Verdant Heights, while not so directly in conflict, are still home to various dangerous tribes, most of whom oppose the Matis. The Siblings of the Weeds only oppose them peacefully, but the Sacred Sap, the Ecowarriors and the Slash and Burn are all known to attack Matis on sight. The only tribe allied to the Matis, the Darkening Sap in the far southeastern corner of the Verdant Heights, are dangerous fanatics who are known to attack non-Matis instead.

Green Seed

Races: Matis, Tryker

Religion: Karavan


Camp: Majestic Garden (map)

Sacred Sap

Races: Zoraï

Religion: Kami


Camp: Fleeting Garden (map)

First Deserters

Races: Matis

Religion: Kami


Camp: Knoll of Dissent (map)

The Arid Matis

Races: Matis

Religion: Karavan


Camp: Hidden Source (map)

Oasis Diggers

Races: Fyros

Religion: Karavan


Camp: Hidden Source (map)

Woven Bridles

Races: Fyros

Religion: Kami


Camp: Hidden Source (map)


Races: Tryker

Religion: Kami


Camp: Upper Bog (map)

Slash and Burn

Races: All

Religion: Karavan


Camp: Upper Bog (map)

Darkening Sap

Races: Matis

Religion: Karavan


Camp: Heretics Hovel (map)

Sap Slaves

Races: Matis

Religion: Karavan


Camp: Grove of Confusion (map)

Ancient Dryads

Races: All

Religion: Kami


Camp: Grove of Confusion (map)

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Verdant Heights geography in detail:
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Home of the Matis
Fleeting Garden Grove of Confusion Heretic's Hovel Hidden Source Knoll of Dissent Majestic Garden Upper Bog
Ancient Dryads Darkening Sap Ecowarriors First Deserters Green Seed Matisian Border Guards Oasis Diggers Sacred Sap Sap Slaves Siblings of the Weeds The Arid Matis The Slash and Burn Woven Bridles