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A slender stemmed plant with large palmate leaves found in arid desert areas where it takes on the predominant color of the surrounding landscape. The cup-shaped flower secretes nectar sought after by insects who are invited to tranquilly feed in swarms while the petals close in on them so offering protection. If menaced the shooki will thrust forth its flower heads releasing the swarm of insects, thus the two entities form a lethal symbiosis.[1]

Main Details

  • Naturally immune to Fear.
  • High resistance to Acid Magic.
  • Partially resistant to slash damage and Fire Magic.

Valued Resources

Shookis can be quartered for:


Exceptional Specimens


Hierarchy of Species

A шооки in autumn
Level Name
233 Devastating Шооки
144 Noxious Шооки
133 Rooting Шооки
123 Stalking Шооки
113 Parched Шооки
97 Famished Шооки
85 Dehydrated Шооки
74 Blooming Шооки
64 Robust Шооки
46 Budding Шооки
34 Minor Шооки
23 Drowsy Шооки
12 Sluggish Шооки

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