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Zigs are pets that are supposed to be able to follow you everywhere.

You can win a Gubani (to be ridden) and a Zig at the Wheel of Fortune. In addition to the mount and the packers mektoubs, you can have up to 3 active Zigs. They are managed a bit like a toub (they have an inventory with maximum bulk of 150, they can be killed, stored in the stable...).

Several types of zigs are in-game:

  • Gubani (Wheel prize, different sizes available) ;
  • Frippo (win at the Wheel, different sizes available);
  • Albino Yubo (special reward that can only be obtained during special subscription offers);
  • Capryni (Wheel prize, supreme tokens)[1] and the
  • Bolobi (Wheel prize, supreme tokens)...[2]

  • Important: free accounts can earn a Zig, but only a subscriber account can really benefit from all their advantages.

Zigs' special features

  • It bears the name of its owner and it keeps this name, even if its first owner gives it away (since, like the mektoubs, you can give a mektoub to another homin). On the picture above, you can see on the right Alexarwe's Zig, near Yrkanis' stable (winters in the Forest, in 2605).
  • They can only be acquired by winning on the Wheel of Fortune (especially with the excellent tokens, more rarely with the basic ones...) or by exchange with another homin.
  • You can have 'at most 3 simultaneously active. Like the mounts it is possible to send them to the pasture[3] .
    A peeing Zig Frippo and a Zig Gubani
    A peeing Frippo and a Gubani Zig
  • Once ordered to follow, the zigs follow their owner through wormholes, lifts or teleporters:
    • in a Apartment that of its owner but will also follow its friends when invited.
    • in the Guild Islands.
    • when breaking a teleportation pact
  • It is also possible to put it in your bag (this way you avoid the risks of error) but be careful, its weight and that of the contents of your inventory are added to that of your bag.
    • In the bag, you do not have access to your inventory
  • The zig has various behaviors, at the beginning you have to tame it (it doesn't always obey very well, it gets better). Often, he turns around his owner, when he goes out of his flat with him, when he comes out of the stable or when he is called (follow me!), but in general he is a calm companion, even if he makes the typical Gubanis' sound.
  • Frippos and yubo zigs are like Gubani zigs, but they follow at at larger distance and move more: they bark, pee and scratch the ground with their hind legs...

Rename your zig

Use your elyps.png

It is possible, with a few Elyps, to rename your Zig (or your Mektoubs). The change is made at a stableman (Rewards and services).

It is possible to:

Choose a name

Cost: 1000 Elyps.

Restrictions on the name
- 24 characters maximum
- As many spaces as desired (no limitation on the number - e.g. "Zig Newton" or "Toub number One" will be accepted)
- any alphanumeric character as well as ' # - .
- the name must of course comply with the names charter

Register a title

Aeksam and his zigs
Cost: 100 Elyps

The title is, by choice:

− (Mount, mektoub or) Zig from <your_name>,
− Gift of <your_name>,
− Faithful companion.

Have the pet registered under a random name

Cost: 50 Elyps


  • Now (June 2020), you'll find in macro the commands to get them in/out your bag.

Like toubs - maybe even more often than toubs? - we look for them, we don't know where they went...

  • Often when we logout, it stays where you are, but won't follow you when you come back. Try to remember where you were when you logged out.
  • If you have your zig in your bag, and you TP, it happens that the zig stays there if it was not following.

Better quit near stables or near your apartment.

Better to keep it in stable or close to it or in your bag , if you don't like, as me, spend too much time to find it...


F2P or free account

  • Macros don't seem to work (following a discussion on evenness in Sept 2019).
  • No access to the Zig's inventory, so they are only decorative (and to be stroked).

As a reminder, only one mektoub (and no apartment).

Special Zig

On Silan, towards Chiang the Strong, you can see/pet Arionasis's Zig, to honour the memory of Arionasis/Teeneemai, more on the ceremony.

Notes and links

  1. Patch 00899
  2. Patch 00949
  3. There are only 3 places for the pasture, make sure to keep a free one for exchanges...

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