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The fyros Empire

Dexton f.jpg

The nomadic tribes of the desert established their stronghold north of the forests, around the oasis of Fyre. Dyros the Great, a valiant warrior, founded the first great Fyros Empire in 2275. He led campaigns to secure mineral resources in the desert areas and built an aqueduct through the Matis domain to the Trykers lakes region in order to supply water to the growing population. During his reign, an alliance was created between the Trykers and the Fyros. The Trykers would be responsible for supplying water to the cities of the Fyros who, in exchange, would protect them against their authoritarian neighbors, the Matis.

In 2481, Cerakos II led the Fyros people into the Primes Roots, but he died there while fighting one of the first waves of Kitins, at the beginning of the Great Swarm.

His son Dexton succeeded him at the age of 22 in 2502

The latter, during his youth will lose his beloved master, Kalus Hym at the neck of an attack of bandits matis. Since this tragedy, Dexton has always harbored an all-consuming but controlled hatred for the Matis despite his last words advocating moderation and brotherhood towards all homins peoples.

Soon after, he will meet Mabreka, a Zorai who was the protégé of Hoi-Cho, the Great Sage. They have remained inseparable friends ever since.

Thus, as Dexton grew older, he devoted his energy to rebuilding his empire, discovering the truth behind Jena and the Karavan and better understanding the Kamis and the so-called eternal happiness of Ma-Duk.

The matis Kingdom

Yrkanis m2.jpg

The history of the Matis begins more than three hundred years ago, in the Ancient Lands. The ancient chronicles tell that the first Matis tribes established in the wooded area of Matia, gathered to form a single community led by their leaders. But this political structure made decisions long and conflicting, pushing the people to revolt. Soon a physically imposing and charismatic leader, Zachini, emerged among the tribal leaders. He managed to rally around him a sufficient number of tribal leaders and was chosen as the supreme leader. The Matis monarchy had just been born.

The only son of King Yasson, Yrkanis I was born in 2482 in the Ancient Roots during the exile of the homins. Her birth gives life to a new hope in the future as spirits begin to sag. This is how the new capital matis takes its name as a symbol of rebirth.

Yrkanis acceded to the matis throne at the age of 32 after the long and dark reign of Ivanovich. The Karavan gives him the Zachini Medallion, emblem of his power, which allows him to spread his image throughout his kingdom.

His rule is based on wise laws. It is based on loyalty to the crown and Jena, competition in trade, aesthetic achievement, thus elevating the matis people to the values prized by Yasson and Lenardi Bravichi. He encouraged peace and signed the Homin Bill of Rights. However, on several occasions, an increasing number of radicals are asking the court for a stronger position against the Kamis and their followers.

The Tryker Federation

Still Wiler.jpg

The Trykers, probably the greatest sailors of the Old world, lived on floating villages in the Trykoth lakes region. They formed a set of tribes, each of which was headed by a council responsible for settling disputes and maintaining peace. Their peaceful and idyllic existence was disrupted when a large fire, known as the Coriolis Fire, broke out. Taking advantage of this calamity in the north to break the Fyro-Tryker alliance, King matis, Aniro III, led a blistering campaign by invading the lake region and easily enslaving the surviving Trykers. But the Great Swarm decimated the Homin cities, entire populations perished and the great civilizations collapsed in a few days.

In 2508 Still Wyler, a survivor, is elected to take the reins as Governor Tryker at the age of 30.

He will be remembered in history with the proposal of a text to combat slavery. This text would later form the basis of the Homin Bill of Rights. Its ratification by the Matis in 2518 and contributed greatly to restoring the feeling of brotherhood around the cult of Jena. The two peoples now live in relative harmony, especially since the Trykers helped Yrkanis bring down the dictatorship of Jinovich. But it would seem that the Matis sometimes have a short memory.

In 2532, Still Wyler was assassinated during the signing of the peace treaty between the four peoples. The investigation of this crime led up to two brothers zorais marauders, Marung Horongi/Marung and Nung Horongi. Nevertheless, Wyler was able to sign the treaty in a last breath.

The Zoraïs theocracy


The first Zorais were a mysterious people who lived in the ancient jungles of the Zoran region south of the Ti-ain. The date of the arrival of the Zoraïs in this area is not known precisely but it is probably between 2199 and 2205. The first Zoraites set up camp in the jungle where one of their tribes came into contact with the Kami. Led by a dynasty of spiritual leaders, they annexed other parts of the jungle. Then, during the Cho dynasty, they embarked on a campaign to expand their territories in order to house their growing population. But having observed barbaric acts of cruelty in their eyes, they undertook the construction of a great wall delimiting their territory in order to preserve the peace and harmony of their people and to keep away the undesirables. However, in 2481, under the authority of Min-Cho, the great dynasty collapsed like a house of cards following the invasion of kitins, known as the Great Swarm.

In 2483, Hoi-Cho met Ma-Duk, the Lord Kami. From there, he will fight as much as possible the spread of the teaching of the Karavan. Soon after, the son of a great magician warrior Leng Cheng-Ho was born, Mabreka who became the scribe of Hoi-Cho by writing Book of Revelations.

In 2506, Fung-Tun, the Jenaist Kamist was dethroned and Mabreka was elected Grand Sage by the High Council. Mabreka Cho, who had already instilled Ma-Duk's enlightenment in exile in Dexton, the Emperor of Fyros, will therefore not miss any opportunity to sow the seeds of faith in order to bring all Homin peoples even closer to eternal happiness.

The non-nations


The Marauders say they have been abandoned in hostile lands. They survived the Kitin attacks, while the homins were hiding in the primary roots. Their goal is to take revenge for this oversight of these factions... By destroying the homine civilizations, by occupying the homine cities as well as their outposts... to then enslave the survivors.

They also rejected the Kami and the Karavan. They claim to be free of their influences, but seem to know how to "use" them.

The Marauders are organized into clans that are independent but obey a warlord.


They may also be called "'Trytonians'"' or "'Elias' seekers'"'. It is, moreover, the latter that is the official name of the Trytonians.

This sect being banned, even persecuted by the great powers, evolves in the secret shadow. But their convictions have filtered out...


The Rangers are hominists who are both gnostic and tenacious.

They are not opposed like marauders and trytonists to nations and factions.

Rangers are driven by an ideal of brotherhood. They believe that homins should live in peace without division, believing that divisions between homins were one of the causes of the Great Swarm disaster, as each people struggled on their own. For this reason, they organize themselves in parallel to avoid being held hostage by any power. Their initial raison d'etre is to protect homins from the Kitin threat. Over time, this mission seems to be expanding to other threats.

Definition of the JY 2562

And the kitins?

The kitins! The largest of all insects! And I'm not just talking about their size. Their intelligence and social consciousness could even surpass that of many homins…

Different beings, not necessarily superior. There are many types of kitins, and most of them seem at first glance to have a purely instinctive behavior. But kitins are much more than animals. The sovereigns who run them have plans for us, be certain.

The Karavan tells us that the kitins are the children of the Dragon, born after the Green Surge, and that their hatred is the fruit of the anger of the Beast that rumbles in their whole being. I have not found another explanation ... but I think it will be difficult, if not impossible, for us to live in harmony with the kitins on Atys. Unless they are just a step towards some kind of supreme imago capable of transcending the Dragon's wrath…

Excerpts from the interview with Arden Keale

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